Official IIHF Eishockey Puck - schwarz / 100 Stk.

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 IIHF Official Puck von GUFEX  made in Tschechische Republik 




The GUFEX Company s.r.o. was founded and established in 1990 by Mr. Pavel Mráček.
The first products to be manufactured with the highly advanced and improved formula were specialized rubber parts which were moulded by classic press machines.

In 1994 our product line was expanded to include our top of the range, tried and tested, superior ice hockey pucks first for domestic and then international use. This puck formulation and design soon became the industry standard.

By 1998 theGUFEX ice hockey puck was used at the Olympic games in Nagano, Japan for the first time internationally. The following year GUFEX signed it's first contract with the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) and GUFEX ice hockey pucks soon became thee official game puck for all future world-championship games arranged by the IIHF. Since that first contract GUFEX has seen thier pucks used and played in all world-championships of (men, women and junior divisions.....) including the Olympic games in The U.S. (Salt Lake City) Utah and in Italy (Torino).


GUFEX currently supplies it's long lasting and virtually superior ice hockey pucks to the world. You will find the GUFEX puck on every continent and in every country with an ice hockey team ex: ( Russia, USA, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Slovakia etc.) but also in unexpected countries such as China, Taiwan, JAR, Mexico, Australia etc. GUFEX will soon be expanding it's puck products to include all levels of ice hockey, from beginers to national teams.

Currently the GUFEX ice hockey puck division out performs it's technical specialty rubber parts division for the consumer, building, engineering and electrical industry. This division is rapidly becoming noticed for the same advanced high quality formulation as the puck division focusing on custom manufacturing and smaller production runs.

Gufex ® is a registered trademark

The GUFEX hockey pucks have been approved and accredited by the IIHF as the official game hockey puck for all IIHF arranged events.